• Cuban Foreign Minister denounces new U.S. maneuver at the UN

    Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs, denounced that the U.S. government is circulating among the attendees of the UN General Assembly sessions a document with proposed amendments to the draft resolution against the blockade, which the island will present on Wednesday, October 31.

  • Biotechnology, between affectations and challenges because of the blockade

    One of the lines of scientific investigation with better results in the history of the University of Camagüey  is the one dedicated to the Biotechnology, however, its contribution to the Cuban and world science could be much bigger if there did not exist the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the Government of the United States.

  • United States blockade harms the hearts of people from Camagüey

    To have a trans-esophageal echocardiogram, more accurate and reliable in diagnosing heart conditions, the people of Camagüey must now move to the province of Villa Clara, as the Philips brand equipment with that functionality succumbed after so many ears of use.

  • We have Memory, series of activities against the economic blockade and terrorism

    Tenemos Memoria (We have Memory) is the name of a series of activities against the economic blockade and terrorism which began on Wednesday in Havana reaffirming that the debt of the horrendous crimes against Cuba remains.  The denunciation continues because history is repeated in other countries of Latin America.

  • Cuba: US blockade caused losses for 4 billion dollars in a year

    The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba caused losses to the national economy of more than 4 billion dollars during the last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today.

  • Civil Society Demands an End to the US Blockade against Cuba

    The political declaration approved during the second forum of the Pensando Americas Cuban civil society demanded on Wednesday in Havana for the US to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba for over five decades.

  • Vote against blockade in UN: 191 in favor, 2 against

    For the 26th time in a row the majority of the UN member states voted in favor of a Cuban resolution on the need to lift the over 50 years long US economic, financial and economic blockade against the Caribbean nation.

  • Huge solidarity with Cuba in World Festival of Youth and Students

    A day filled with signs of infinite love, admiration and respect for Cuba was experienced at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students underway here, a day in which many ratified their condemnation of the unjust US blockade against Cuba.