CAMAGÜEY.- As the United States strives in the foolish purpose of reinforcing its blockade of more than six decades, now reviving the third title of the Helms-Burton Act, Cuba resists with firmness and shame.

At the Gran Hotel-Colón complex, they said: "We don't understand each other", as expressed in Mangos de Baragua the Bronze Titan, Antonio Maceo, and referred to the best way to counteract the effects of that Yankee Spawn: "elevating our responsibility in all senses, "according to the worker Belkis Rodríguez.

The manager of the Gran Hotel, Lida Vega Vega, said that under this title have already claimed the Spanish chain Meliá an installation in Cienfuegos, "something unheard of, because the American laws have no application in Cuba."

Concentrated in the central Maceo Square, of the provincial capital, workers of the trading system also assured their opposition to this imperial aggression.

At both times, the collectives called for the quality of their services, the rational use of resources and the agile development of processes without neglecting customer service.

The most novice heirs to the courage of Ignacio Agramonte also demonstrate his rejection of the interference attempts of Trump's government. Students of the Rafael María de Mendive Primary School and Esteban Borrero Elementary School formalized their accusations against the measures of the U.S. government in a student complaint court.

"We are heirs to a history of struggles for sovereignty and we decided to continue defending our own," said young Melissa Fuentes, a ninth-grade student.

Also in the pre-university Álvaro Morell Álvarez, young people of the middle school explained reasons to preserve conquests and defend the well-being of all.

"No worthy Cuban, Martí’s and Fidel’s follower will accept humiliation. The new generations will never be understood with those who are trying to snatch what is from the people. The truth is on our side and we will never fail, "said Magdiel Semper González, a student at the Enrique José Varon Joint Center.

After a march of reaffirmation to the principles of the Cubans, they arrived at the Agramonte Park. There, pioneers of the primary schools Marta Abreu and Renato Guitart, together with those of the basic secondary Martyrs of Camagüey made clear that Cuba is and will be of the Cubans, and that the new generations see in the unit the safest way for the victory.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez