Cuban Non-Governmental Organization to Participate in 7th Summit of the Americas

Cuban art at the Summit of the Americas in Panama

The meeting of Juan Orlando Hernandez, Presidente of Honduras; Salvador Sanchez Ceren (El Salvador) and Otto Perez Molina (Guatemala) with US President, is scheduled for April 10 and will be attended by Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) and Luis Guillermo Solis (Costa Rica).

As announced by its promoters, PAP aims to contribute in some way to reverse the causes of illegal immigration from Central America to the United States -poverty, crime, and others-, by providing funds to promote the development of this region.

The initiative was presented by the North Triangle of Central America -El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala- because of the crisis associated with the exodus of about 90,000 minors who crossed on their own the Mexican territory to the US border in the second half of 2014.

Due to this situation, Obama promised to allocate billions of dollars to the security and social development of these three nations, considered by the United Nations as the most violent in the world.

Costa Rica expressed its interest in joining the potential benefits of this plan, although some analysts believe it is only a sort of developmental promise of the so many that US has unproductively promoted in this geographical area since the Alliance for Progress (in the 1960s).

Honduran mass media recall that PAP negotiations began in July 2014, when Obama welcomed Hernandez, Sanchez Ceren and Perez Molina at the White House in Washington, to discuss the launch of the migration process.

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