CAMAGÜEY.- Yurisan Villavicencio Matos, of 16 years and with residence in the municipality of Florida, received a kidney transplant the past September 18 in the center of Nephrology, University Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city. It was the second benefited child from such medical procedure in pediatric age group in the province of Camagüey.

After the supportive approval of the family of a deceased person for the removal of kidney, the previous day and be compatible, they ran the ads quickly and in an hour and 20 minutes of surgical act, Yurisan expel his urine in the normal manner.

The MS.c. Doctor Abel Ruiz de Villa acted as chief surgeon, assisted by Dr. Ramón Estopiñán, anesthesiologists and resuscitation specialists, Dr. Gabriel García and the licensed Doralis Mendoza, graduates in nursing Oscar Cárdenas and Cristian Figueroa, Dr. Raymundo Abreu, as regional coordinator of transplants, and service personnel.

At the age of 15, the child was sent from his territory of origin to the pediatric hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña, with symptoms of severe hypertension and it was found that he suffered from a chronic renal failure, explained Dr. Isabel Ma. Vallina specialist in Pediatrics, reoriented in Nephrology in the above-mentioned care center.

He remained under a thorough checkup and were solved not few complications, and the damage in his two kidneys arrived in need of a method of purifying, or hemodialysis (to remove his blood, pass it through a filter through a monitor and return it purified, cleansed of toxins) three times a week for nine months.

Yurisan and his aunt Milady Matos, who was with him at the time of our visit, showed optimism because life was already different and recognized the attention professed by the health professionals during the whole process of the disease up to the present, in which were kept the hospital of both institutions for the same purpose: to standardize his existence.

The chance wanted that the first transplantation in pediatric age was of the Camagüey´s municipality of Florida.

Transalated by Linet Acuña Quilez