As could not allow to join the fully deserved homage to this Camagüeyan that has been a choreographer, composer, arranger, clarinettist, teacher, and researcher of cultural topics, he came to do the visit to us:

"On April 2nd, 1974 I kicked off my labor life in the Band of Concert of the province. We celebrate it one month later because in this date we were out of the province for work commitments¨.

- Impressions of the commemorative day?

" Really it exceeded my expectations. Two days of spectacles in the Principal Theater of the city, organized by the Uneac, Provincial Culture and the Folk Ballet, were luxurious, they managed to synthesize my tie with the art, I could act like soloist in the Band and in the Symphonic Band, in addition to work like the director. We were accompanied by groups of fame like Rumbatá, Maravilla de Florida, Desandan, the company of Ballet, Maraguán, La Andariega, Arlequín and of course the Folk Ballet, in addition to other local guests and from other provinces.

I have spent days of recognition and gratifications, moments that stimulate me on having demonstrated that I have done something important for my province. The two days the public filled the theater, this was the best thing, because the people accompanied me at all times; later in the street they were congratulating me. I always say that the tomorrow applauses happened already, that it is necessary to win those who are still to come".

- Work projections?

"We are employed for a time at the assembly of Sab, whose premiere we already have date for next June 12th, 13th and 14th. This is one of the principal commitments that we have with the cCamagüeyan culture because it is a homage to Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and to her abolitionist work. We also have the idea to take part in an international event on July.

In the personal field I am dedicating time to writte, since I want to do a book on the culture in my quarter, Cristo, to tell anecdotes and interesting stories. I am preparing a research also referred to the contributions of the black musicians to Puerto Príncipe".

- How to understand your change in the music, of the beginnings in the Band of Concert and in the Symphonic one up to coming to over 20 years with the Folk Ballet?

"In my quarter is my key. There I was penetrated by the folklore. The teacher Jorge Luis Betancourt who was the director in the Symphonic Band of Camagüey, was living next to my house. Also my neighbors were members of the Military Band. I am a privileged man, I grew up listening ¨palomonte¨, ¨santería¨, to the ¨rumberos¨ Fila, Quintín and Mola and to the band of ¨soneros¨ of Chano Pulido.

For the researches I linked to the dance and one day occurred to someone that I could found a folk ballet, and of course I did not have second thoughts and accepted. To the turn of 23 years the Folk Ballet is like my other surname.

For me the music is only one, there is no difference between refined and popular, and the musician must be trained to do any type. In this sense my biggest example is the teacher Betancourt, who was a good musician¨.

- From the culture the defense of the folklore is prioritized in Camagüey?

" What happends is that this city is very strong musically speaking, there is Desandan, Rumbatá and the proper Folkloric Ballet that it is necessary to be understood that what we do is a patrimony of the whole Cuba.

As cultural policy it is a priority but in really it does not express of equal way. Sometimes we spend a lot of work because we are the last ones in everything. I cannot avoid saying to you that with everything and what we have been employed at these slightly over two decades, the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey does not have a proper head office, not also the groups that I just mentioned. Maybe it is a coincidence" he said with ironic tone.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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