HAVANA.- A total of 32 groups with equal amount of presentations of 12 provinces of the country will take part – between October 6 and 14 of this year-, of the 17 National Theater Festival, Camagüey 2018, sponsored by the National Council of the Scenic arts (CNAE).

The event includes also a theoretical event, the opening of exhibitions and the presentation of books and magazines related to the Cuban stage work.

The opening of the Festival, which is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the onset of struggles for independence and the events of the Villanueva Theater, will be the same day 6, at 9:00 p.m., in the Principal Theater, with the presentation Until Facebook divide us, of the Centro Promotor del Humor.

Participating groups include Teatro Guiñol de Remedios, Villa Clara (El agüita de todos); Teatro de Las Estaciones, Matanzas (Retrato de un niño llamado Pablo); Teatro Tuyo, Las Tunas (¡¡¡Pum!!!); Teatro de la Luna, La Habana (El banquete infinito); Teatro del Viento, Camagüey (Otoño) and Trébol teatro, Holguín (Jacuzzi).

Fernando Rojas, Deputy Minister of Culture and Chairman of the CNAE, said at press conference that the festival will serve to refine the work of Cuban theater, where not everything that is proposed to the public has the required rigor and urged the press and criticism to be stricter in its work.

“Today, said, we have to be less contemplative and put aside the level of commitment with which our presentations are valued to have really a theater that is closer to our everyday life through a respectful treatment. One thing is fiction and another reality”.