CAMAGUEY, CUBA.- (ACN) The General Secretary of the International Mental Sports Association, Thomas Hsiang highlighted on Wednesday in the city of Camaguey the positive impact of sports in health including the fight against psychological ailments related with aging.

In a speech during the inauguration of the Conference, he pointed that sports improves concentration, commitment, knowledge, creativity, memory and coordination and it is one of the ways to confront dementia related to aging.

He stressed that the term mental sports is a contemporary meaning with the concept of accepting sports internationally, which includes, among other characteristics the exclusion of luck, and absence of health ailments of those that practice sports.

The International Mental Sports Association makes up a group of disciplines like chess, bridge and checkers and in 2008, the institution organized its first World Games in China with the participation of over 2 thousand 700 competitors from 140 countries.

The specialist based in the United States says that the competitive system sponsored by the institution also includes regional and national events.

PhD and International Chess Master Lazaro Bueno, President of the forum’s organizing committee, highlighted the presence of several modalities represented in the institution.

Referring to the educational field, he mentioned for example the inclusion of different sports of its type in the games at the Ignacio Agramonte University of Camaguey.

The International Mental Sports Conference will run until Friday with encounters on theoretical and practical issues in the field, exhibitions on the modalities like fast chess, checkers, bridge, scrabble and others.