CAMAGUEY.- Since March, 2016 the referees do not have sweet dreams when the night comes. Since that "damned March", the lords of FIFA and the thousands of press members that make the soccer their business supported a campaign to introduce technology of last generation to an old multitudes sport. It is necessary to give real justice! Infantino was saying; Let´s see if Cristiano is going to throw himself now! my neighbor was shouting. The computers will be able to determine bogus goals, penalties, doubtful infractions and they will even be able to caution fairly.

Now the impartial ones walk frightened on the lawn, their hands tremble to take the whistle to the mouth, the linesmen do not know what to do with their little flags before the inquiring look of scores of cameras, millions of persons. In five years, the principal leagues of soccer in the world will have cameras and robots giving justice, many call it "a support" to the arbitral work.

Perhaps in 20 years it occurs to us to incorporate cameras and robots in "support" to the players, because it is not just that Messi leaves behind six defenders and the shot at goal goes away five centimeters out due to the fault of his mundane left-foot. It is a question of exiling the imperfection, this way Higuaín, Mario Gómez, Rooney, Inmobile and company will not miss so many goals; Ramos, Piqué, Pepe and Medel will not do so many fouls in the area; and Marcelo will not forget to foul Roberto in the last move of the party.

Nobody has thought that the errors - those that the machines will not commit - are part of the mystique of the soccer? Sports are matters of men and women! It would be very boring to tell the history of the world cups without speaking about the gift to domicile that England received in 1966, the God's Hand in the Argentina - England in 1986 or the protection to Korea in 2002 against Italy, Spain and Germany.

Whom will the wicks shout in the stadium, whom will hate the fans, about whom will the newspapers speak in their chronicles? The technocrats proprietors of the soccer will take away another seasoning to the game, another light to the spectacle. Many people will applaud today International Footbal Association Board and will regret tomorrow choosing the Hawk-Eye and to the VAR System to make Kassai and Cakir perfect.

However, to the real soccer, that one that is born every day in the dusty quarter courts; in the municipalities academies; in the gardens where two children do of their lives a challenge for "the ball"; nobody will put a killjoy drone.