CUBA.- (ACN) Austrian cyclist registered in the Guinness World Records Book, Jacob Jurl began on Wednesday in the extre)me eastern part of the island a tour across the country to protest against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US against Cuba over a half a century ago.

Surl who made the Guinness books in 2012 breaking the record in touring the uneven Schocle mountains in his hometown of Weinitzen biking upwards to almost 29 thousand meters, three times the height of Mount Everest, will attempt to do the tour to the island’s most western area of Cabo de San Antonio in less than 60 hours.

To achieve his goal in a relatively short period, the cyclist will bike nonstop attempting to reach the westernmost region in Cuba in the time predicted.

The Austrian cyclist made the comment to the Sports Director of Maisi, Jorge Luis Lopez Leguen who exchanged with the athlete before beginning his trip. 

He also met with municipal authorities and construction workers of the other provinces that are participating in the recovery work in the region.

The area where the Austrian cyclist began his tour is as close to Haiti as is to the town of Baracoa that has its distinctive Concha Lighthouse that flashes its lights to the vessels that navigate through the Windward Passage.  

His first experience will be the first and wavy path to Guantanamo, which is the Ovando and La Llana hills, whose first written characteristics were made by Dr. Fermin Valdes Dominguez, who was a close friend of Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti in his archeological and speleology excursions to Maisi and Baracoa between 1881 and 1892.

Although the La Farola lighthouse is more attractive, the Maisi-Caimanera coastal strip has apprehensive slopes, like those of Cajobabo in Imias and La Gobernadora in the confluence of the municipalities of Manuel Tames in San Antonio del Sur and Guantanamo.

This is the second time that the 28-year-old cyclist tours Cuba from one end to the other: he attempted in 2015, but had to stop due to dengue while training in Havana.

At that time, and now, the Austrian biker believes that his main challenge are the number of potholes on the road in an attempt to become once again a candidate for the Guinness Records.