HAVANA.- (acn) Although the spirit of Cuba's approval of being a member of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation with all its obligations, duties and responsibilities is still in the majority, the consent of MLB is still awaited.

In this edition of the Caribbean Series we hope the MLB to reconsider its point of view regarding Cuba, said Héctor Álvarez Rivera, president of the Puerto Rican Baseball League.

Álvarez Rivera reiterated that Cuba has the right of being accepted, since it is one of the nations that were part of these events from the begining.

The pretext of the delay is that Cuba has no professional baseball league, something that is not appropriate because we have the opinion that sport is also culture and identity and Cuba has shown this, he said.

A four-year term has been set aside as a guest country, and this time it has already been met, and several months ago Puerto Rico spoke within the Confederation to resolve this opposition, Alvarez Rivera stated.

We also support the proposal that Panama to be a member, because just as Cuba, it was one of the first members in the Confederation and that can not be ignored, he added.

We believe that in the not-too-distant future Colombia and Nicaragua could be incorporated to expand the Caribbean territorial limit, a strong area in baseball, concluded the Puerto Rican official.

Omar Canizares Soto, president of the Pacific League and the organizing committee of the Caribbean Series in Mexico, reiterated the desire of Cuba to be included in the group and recognized the quality of baseball on the Caribbean island.