The event will take as head office the School for Sports Initiation Luis Augusto Turcios Lima, in whose swimming pools complex works a project developed in collaboration with Canada and the International Federation of Aquatic Sports.

In accordance with the information offered to Adelante by Raúl Hernández Sereno, provincial commissioner of the discipline, the good outcomes of this province propitiated that the organizers of the joust were inscribing several local athletes in the school paragraphs. These competitors join to others included and to those who have a place in the national team.

In the local team stand out names as that of “nationals“ Arlenis García and Mirielis de la Caridad Fernández, who along with Brayan Reyes turn Camagüey into the Cuban territory with major representation.

Till now have confirmed assistance to the Pan-Americans nine nations of the area, among them potencies like the United States, Canada and Mexico, announced Lino Socorro, principal trainer of the Cuban selection.

The also trainer of the duet José Antonio Guerra-Jenkler Aguirre, winner of the gold medal in the in sync platform of the Pan-American Games of Toronto, added -in declarations to Girón newspaper- that they expect to compete in the categories of 10-11 years, 12-13, 14-15 and 16-18.

In the last editions of the National School Games, diving has been the sport with the best outcomes, both in the low ages (students) and in the juvenile one.



    EIsamalet Rodríguez (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Jesus David Rodríguez (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Carlos Jared Fonseca (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Alexander Joanne González (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Érika Fabrizia Pedro (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Alexis Mendoza (Category 10-11, Cerro Pelado, Camagüey)
    Arlenis García (Category 12-13, National Team)
    Mirielis de la CaridadFernández (Category 14-15, National Team)
    Brayan Reyes (Category 14-15, National Team)


    Hugo Pérez
    Yeison M. Ruiz


    Evelyn Meliá
    Tania Yoise Rodríguez
    Jose R. Hernández
    Raúl Hernández

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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