With such an end, from August 7th and up to 21st, 30 boxers who integrate the local selection will realize a training set in Santa Lucía beach. “We intend that the boys reach their maximum physical level, bearing in mind the rigor and the quality of the competitions”, ensured José Carlos Sosa Pérez, provincial commissioner of the sport of the fists.

Prior to the principal boxing contest of the island, from October 5th there will take place the seventh Cup by Invitation Eugenio “Titi“ Basulto, in which the participation of six provinces is foreseen in addition to a team of the national selection.

“We will compete with the whole team of the academy, like a prior training to the ¨Playa Girón¨, our biggest objective in the present year”, mentioned Sosa Pérez.

“All the athletes are in full sports form, except Ricardo Luis Agüero (over 91 kg), who will be presented to the medical committee that will value the injury that kept him a time out of the ring”, said the manager.

The "Titi" will define mostly the names included in the team by the end of December. The importance that is granted is high, because the locals will face boxers of different provinces and will have in it a meter with a view to the elite tournament.

The fight is thrown, there only remains to prepare and face it. December is coming and with it, the best boxing of the island nation, and for better news, in our own courtyard.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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