Like any good story, this one had a beginning in which nothing seemed to anticipate what would happen. Nevertheless, rereading the chronicles of those days it is possible to watch indications of what in time, ended up by turning into the first Camagüeyan title of soccer in 38 years.

It was during the inaugural date in Manatí, somewhere near January. The "prediction" took a companion of the press of Las Tunas as an author, that in his analysis of the meeting showed a conclusive judgment but also little less than visionary: "the Camagüeyans went out if there were a waterspout”.

It is enough to check the statistics to understand the magnitude of the achieved for the teacher Julio “Lulo“ Valero and his disciples, that in fifteen matches have filed twelve victories (eight of them without allowing goals), a tie and pair of disasters (the last one this Wednesday, already with the title in their power). Till now its balance summarizes 24 goals in favor and 9 against, with two big periods without suffering enemies´goals: between March 14th and 21st (270 minutes), and from April 4th until April 22nd (almost 400).

A team like that could not have another destination to lift the Cup, fulfilling with the fans that have followed them in good and bad times, and that also in Minas have been able to turn every match into a holiday.


Although crowned, Camagüey has still three commitments for playing; before Cienfuegos and Isla de la Juventud (this Saturday and the next one like visitor), and on Tuesday, the 12th, in the date of the farewell, against the formation of Villa Clara (in Minas).

Precisely in this last date there will be developed the Gala of the Cuban Soccer, in which the most outstanding athletes will be recognized and the Miuras will receive their title.


First places: 2015, and like Farmers in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1975 and 1977

Second places: 2009, 2010, 2012

Third places: 1979, 1981, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2008, 2009, 2013 (the last one shared with Havana)

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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