To this events there joined some weeks ago the departure of stellar Alfonso Urquiola, key figure in the skein of the teams of Pinar del Río and essential reference in any chronology on the baseball in the last half a century.

His decision comes to give continuity to a saga that already had among its protagonists Melchor Fonseca and Luis César Valdés, who also left the diamonds in their best moments.

It is not also necessary to force too much the memory to remember other misunderstandings to the interior of the Cuban Federation of Baseball (FCB), owing to changes in the calendar and the regulations for the athletes' transfer between provinces, or facts of violence in its widest sense.

To add variables to the equation, the nearby future points at new changes of date and format as for the National Series, and in the horizon of the hirings abroad there seems to grow the possibility that the players of the island do not have to desert to play in the Big Leagues.

Just some, among many speculations that generate the declarations of personalities as Antonio Castro, vice-president of the World Confederacy of Softball and Baseball (WSBC), who more than once has called for “finding a realistic solution for this problem”.

The Antillean baseball will never be able to compete with the ¨Big Tent¨ as for resources, not in none of its strategies will be able to obviate the pressures that the North American Blockade imposes. Both are obstacles impossible to forget.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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