CAMAGÜEY. - The Camagüey´s boxers aspire to confirm the title of Cuba in 57 National Championship of Boxing Playa Girón that will develop from next December 14 until December 21 in the polyvalent room Rafael Fortún Chacón of this city.

To retain the trophy, the Warriors of The Major will has 19 athletes headed by the Olympian champion of Rio 2016 Julio César la Cruz. Four times world holder will return to 81 kilograms for this fight, after competing in 91 kg in the last events of the courtyard.

The technical group estimates that more than ten medals are reached between gold, silver and bronze. In this determination, the contribution of stellar Damián Arce (49 kg), Yeinier Areu (75 kg), Raicel Poll (81 kg) and Dainier Peró (+91 kg) will be vital.

As in the last years, our athletes will have as main opponents in the classification for provinces to the squares of Pinar del Rio, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Matanzas and Havana. Nevertheless, Camagüey will come with the psychological bonus of defeating them a few weeks ago in the final of the National Series of Boxing.

These days our boxers develop long training days in the Provincial Academy of Boxing Heroic Vietnam, after taking a brief rest. Robinson Poll, main trainer of the exemption told to that this will be the only edition because an international seminar will develop for trainers and umpires to grant categories that allow them to act in competitions of the International Association of Boxing.

Yorman Rodríguez, the Camagüey´s ex-athlete, one of the most combative boxers of last decade in our country will retire in the collateral program. “The lightning of Florat” was a national multi-champion in the flyweight and he represented Cuba in international events.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

Foot of Photo: The Warriors will look for another title for their illustrious shop window.