CAMAGUEY.- Four volleyball women players from this province defend Cuba’s colors in the NORCECA Women's Junior Continental Championship U-20, that is celebrated until Jun 23th in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

In order to qualify for the volleyball world competition that will be celebrated next year, the Antilles women go to Mexico. The team directed by Regla Torres is very young and counts with the talented Camaguey´s girls Amelia Morozo, Yaimaris Garcia, Ivy May Vila and Evilania Martinez.

The Cuban players are in the A group along with Puerto Rico, USA and Guatemala. They defeated the Guatemala team 3-0 in the first day. Ailama Cese was the team main figure with 14 points, followed by the team captain Thaila Moreno with 12 scores.

At the beginning, the Cuban players had a poor play due to unforced errors. After the match Regla Torres, the team head coach, declared “It must be considered that they had not played throughout the year. They pushed themselves as well as I because is the first time that I lead a team”, she affirmed.

Nevertheless, the national team compensated that deficiency by playing hard on the net where they won 13 points. In the same way, their powerful attack was a strong weapon that helped the Greatest of the Antilles squadron, whose next rival will be the USA powerful team.

The Norceca U-20 pre-world championship, which grants a seat to the world competition, will qualify each group winners straight to the semi-finals, while the second and third positions will look for this opportunity through different matches. The finals will be on Jun 23th and it will be defined the qualifying teams for the Orb competition.

Translated by Elizabeth Brinones Fonseca/