CAMAGÜEY.- The construction hustle and bustle that changes the routines of the city sport center continues, the bullring is transformed. Now, three teams of self-employees assume the repair of the almost sexagenarian stadium “Cándido González”. 2 500 000 Cuban pesos have already been employed in order to improve the athlete, couch, umpire and audience conditions.

The 30 accommodation capacities for the provincial academy team, main quarters of the U-23 team, are almost ready, and they are also working in order to clear 60 more in next days, with the objective to gather the categories 11-12, 13-14 and the under 18’s. According to Mario Núñez Caballero, provincial director of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, the objective is to close the distance between the training and competition center. “We already coordinated with the Department of Education to insert these athletes in nearby schools to facilitate the chance of more than one training session. This expansion will turn our stadium into the ballpark with the largest seating capacity in Cuba.

Having too many hosted athletes, forces us to renovate the kitchen-cafeteria that now will be transformed into a restaurant, as well as to build a new water/sanitary pipe network, because the previous ones, due to the passage of time, were in really bad shape. “The audience will notice the improvement in the public bathrooms, the paint of the building and a bigger comfort in the stands”, explained the director.

Without a doubt, the provincial academy will benefit the most from these changes. “The six rooms meant to its players have the necessary conditions to rest; air conditioner and an interior bathroom that it was previously a shared one”, added Dagoberto Riverón Trumboll, director of the sports facilities.

In the same way, the referees room and the technical commission premises, will have full independence, in response to an old complained made by the Baseball National Committee.

After the repairs, the Club Houses will have a similar design to those that are used in different leagues all around the world. They will be placed behind the dugouts with an interior bathroom that will count with showers and lockers so that the athletes can secure their personal belongings, and they will be air-conditioned in a not-too-distant future. A bath was constructed to the benches of both teams and now changes the furniture and the internal structure is being changed. In addition, they are working to enlarge the area of the gymnasium to accomplish another request of the boys.

For now on the field, the workers are filling the drops and eliminating the old-fashioned hall between the box and the home plate. They are also studying the possibility of moving the fence all the way to the wall that previously marked out the land, eliminating the iron structure that holds the mats.

The pitcher warm-up area for Home Club and Visitors will return to the outfields, since this ballpark was of the few ones in Cuba that remained with the bullpens located to the sides and a new batting cage will be placed behind the right field.

Low-energy LED spotlights were also installed all over the Cándido exterior. Núñez Caballero revealed than in the next days, new street lamps will be installed in the parking areas. Nowadays the façade, the terraces and the interior areas have been painted with the colors that represent the team: red, blue and white. Our historic scoreboard will be retouched with black and yellow paint.

It can already be seen the improvements in the new pressroom and the place to display the main team trophies and pictures of the greatest baseball personalities in the territory.

Adelante Digital learned that talks are underway to place six giant posters allegorical to the Farmers National Champion team, the first team of the special series and our baseball Olympic champions.

Candido González ballpark will have to be ready for this July 15th, date that will mark the beginning of the Youth National Championship Final. One month later the renovated stadium will receive The Bull of the Flatness in a National Series that promises to fill Camaguey team followers with emotions.