HAVANA.- A holiday for the life, the solidarity and the love, this way defined in this capital what will be 21st Edition of the Marathon of Hope Terry Fox, in homage to the young Canadian turned into symbol of the struggle against the cancer.

Organizers of the project Marabana/Maracuba said today in the Center of International Press that next Saturday, the 17th in Cuba there will be remembered once again Fox, whose example serves as inspiration for all the persons who defend the life.

This race will be carried out in all the municipalities, with sudden departure of simultaneous form at exactly 10 of the morning through the broadcasting station Radio Reloj, in an event that will be participative and will not have awards.

In Havana, the exit and goal will be placed opposite to the Polyvalent Room Kid Chocolate, with a circuit that will have three kilometers.

Juan Carlos Mesa, deputy director of Marabana/Maracuba, declared to ACN that to do this event every year is very important for what it represents for the life; without doubts we feel proud to pay this fully deserved tribute to Terry Fox, he added.

He added that the history of this young Canadian has inspired many persons in the world, that's why he exhorted the Cubans to go out again to the streets, like a way of being sensitized by the noble cause of fighting the cancer, expressed.

The Marathon of Hope will serve to honor Fox, who did a big sacrifice to collect funds in search of a cure of this illness, which reaped his life with only 22 years of age.

Fox suffered the amputation of his right leg six inches over the knee, at the age of 18 age, and with one prosthesis he ran during 143 consecutive days 42 kilometers every day.

His spirit of never giving up in the battle against this mortal suffering will motivate the Cubans this Saturday to run or to walk, like sample of which by means of the physical exercise it is possible to fight this ailment.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez