CAMAGÜEY.- She does not overcome 15 years of age and she already does tricks of high magic. Yaimaris de los Ángeles García Victoria has talent to add her name to the select group of women that with the grace of auctions, receipts and tricks, they bewitched this Island. She is not afraid to speak about future, but first she looks at the past.

“I began to practice the volleyball at the age of six in La Guernica, when I was living with my mom. In fifth grade, I entered in the EIDE Cerro Pelado, where I grew in height and quality. There I had a teachers' group that they have helped me in the life and in the beginning of my career. I owe them almost everything. This course they received me for the National School due to my results in low categories, where my team-mates and I have gained almost all the competitions. This, like that quick, has been my trajectory”.

She neither flies so high place nor shoots as strong as her compatriot Mireya Luis and Yumilka Ruiz, but she shows other charms that will help her to triumph in the sport of the high mesh.

“I have to overcome some tactical shortcomings to be a better passer. My trainers work so that I know the dexterity of this sport and wins in game vision. In addition, I must perfect in the blockade and the reception to turn into an integral player.

“The Cuban public admires the work of the opposite and auxiliary attackers, even the central defenders, they usually do not put their look in the sweepers and the passers. However, till now it seems that my style pleases. To be a passer is a big responsibility, because you always have a high per cent when a move fails. It is a risk that I like. For the time being, I don´t care about the reputation, nor I see myself in the future like these queens, it would be to ask too much”.

Her style might fit into the system 4-2 that traditionally uses the team Cuba.

“With these tactics, it is up to the passers to reach port in all the facets of the game, they have the biggest demand inside the set. I like to organize the team, to take the time in every action and to try to cheat on the contrary. I am always trying trick moves and experiencing difficult combinations, because while more unpredictable I would be, I will have more success.

“Also I like attacking when the team is in a bad moment, I shoot hard so that my partners raise the head. When the opposite ones see that you have several resources to note down, they worry and distract. They have taught me to make an effort in every tactical exercise to give the example inside the court”.

It gives the impression that she only thinks about the volleyball, that her life passes in the court.

“What happens is that when one falls in love with the sport it does not care to be worked at it. I have many competitive requirements and almost every month a new challenge appears. Right now, I am focused in gaining every party in the National Championship, because we only lack the title in the category of major, and we want to give this gift to Camagüey. Then commitments will come in the National School and with the cadets' and juvenile´s selections. This does not stop.

“Nevertheless, I enjoy in company of my partners, who have turned into big friends. With them, I share the happy moments and the sadness in the sport and the life. When we are not training or playing, we start listening to music or dancing, I love dancing. Another thing that gives me pleasure is to eat, as much, anything, and that has brought to me problems with the weight. In the last months I have had to loose almost 13 kilograms”.

She accompanies the dialogue on a vivacious smile. She does a break to take a team picture. “Always the team first”. She returns blushed by the joking of her friends that call her "famous", “important person”.

“The truth is that I do not know why you interview me when there are others of more quality in the group. Almost all of us are in pre-selection or are of interest to the national technical group”.

And she does not lack reason, the group that there directs another golden woman, experienced Cándida Jiménez Amaro, is the most complete of the country. In a few years, the names of Aidachi Agüero, Amelia Amoroso, Ivy May Vila, Melanie Arcia y Evilania Martínez, might appear in the T-shirt of the Cuban team. Most of them still do not think about contracts abroad not even world reputation; the idea of the Camagüey´s players return to the highest of the national volleyball occupies the mind of them. Among them, the girl who is still Yaimaris García does not also have so many pretensions, although her passes denote nobility. Today she is a beginner with good notes; perhaps tomorrow, the enchantress of the new Morenas del Caribe.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez