CAMAGÜEY. - This Monday, the national direction of the Inder confirmed the achievement of the fifth National Classic of Route. The test will fulfill a tracing of 1 341 kilometers distributed in eleven stages (two less than the previous year). The same ones will be runfromFebruary14 to 25.

In accordance with the digital place Jit, among the changes of the call there will be the suffered ones by the segment that traditionally concludes in the city of Camagüey, which is supported like the most flat and extensive of the whole trip (206 kilometers). Nevertheless, now the multicolored trailer will not come here from Holguín, but from Bayamo. For the day there have been confirmed the flying goals of La Tunas, Guáimaro and Sibanicú. To the arrival to the capital of Camagüey (Sunday, the 18th) it will continue one day later the game in the direction of Ciego de Avila, occasion in which they will grant again the intermediate awards of Florida and The Center.

For the first time in the last years, the National Classic of Route will give its start in Baracoa, then to fulfill the spectacular crossing of the Viaduct of the Farola. Other dates that motivate particular sense of expectancy are the reserved ones for the ascents to the Gran Piedra (Big Stone) and the community of Topes deCollantes, and that of against the clock individually between Varadero and Matanzas. Another innovation will be the day of rest, agreed for Trinidad on Wednesday, the 21st.

In the last edition of the Classic, the previous year, the local representation located tenth between fourteen that they took the start voice. This year will have before itself a major challenge, since in addition to the confirmed presence of the principal cadres of house, the managers of the sport in Cuba have allowed to make out the possibility that they help cycling representatives of nations like Holland, Canada and Ethiopia.


1st. - On Wednesday, the 14th: Baracoa-Guantánamo (153 km).

2nd. - On Thursday, the 15th: Guantanamo-Autopista-La Maya-Songo-Santiago of Cuba Gran Piedra (115 km).

3rd. - On Friday, the 16th: Santiago de Cuba-Baraguá-Alto Cedro-Caballería-Manguito-Holguín (150 km).

4ta. - On Saturday, the 17th: Cauto Cristo-Bayamo (against the clock for teams 40 km).

5ta. - On Sunday, the 18th: Bayamo-Las Tunas-Guáimaro-Sibanicú-Camagüey (206 km).

6ta. - On Monday, the 19th: Camagüey-Florida-El Centro–Ciego de Avila (110 km).

7ma. - On Tuesday, the 20th: Ciego de Avila-Sancti Spíritus-Topes deCollantes (155 km).

On Wednesday, the 21st: Rest in Trinidad.

8vth. - On Thursday, the 22nd: Trinidad-Condado-Manicaragua-Santa Clara (90 km).

9na. - On Friday, the 23rd: Santa Clara - Cárdenas (180 km).

10ma.-Saturday 24: Varadero - Matanzas (against the clock individual 30 km).

11na.-Sunday 25: Matanzas-Cotorro-Anillo-Ave. Boyeros-3 turned to the Paseo del Prado (120 km).

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez