CAMAGÜEY.- Improving in three centimeters his historic mark and beating on the way to one of his teammates; thus, on Thursday July 13th, the Camagüey´s sport player Maikel Vidal became the world champion of long jumpers, cadet category, whose lead of the world runs from Wednesday in the capital of Kenya.

Although the 17-year-old Camagüey´s player started as a favorite, it remained to be seen if he would be able to face his rivals in a specialty that in recent years has remained among the most rival in all age sections of the King of Sports.

A joy came to Vidal in his third jump, in which he reached a remarkable seven meters with 88 centimeters, to reissue the triumph that had achieved four years before the Santiago sportsman Maiko Massó. This time, however, the island has more reasons to celebrate, as its representatives achieved the unprecedented feat of occupying the first two podium positions (the Pinarian Léster Lescay finished second, with a significant 7.79 m).

Vidal has shown a notable development in recent years. The level of his records depict him as a top-level athlete, who is already at the gates of the world record category (8.05 m), held by his compatriot Massó.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez