CAMAGÜEY.- With the objective that the ball in Camagüey returns to the stellar planes in all the categories, the 1st Workshop of evaluation of the results of the project “Strategy of development of the baseball in Camagüey”, led by the faculty of Physical Culture of the University of Camagüey, was in session this Thursday, in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia.

The exchange served to talk on the aspects that are still missing to progress and to find the possible solutions. It also served to emphasize the advances of this discipline in 2017, among them, the classification of The Bulls to the second round of the National Series and the participation of Camagüey´s players in the teams Cuba of the Classic, the Canadian League, the Tournament of Rotterdam and the Friendly Competitions with the United States.

Leonel Moa, at the head of the Provincial Commission of Baseball, affirmed that a scientific contest like this one, allows to listen to the experiences and new proposals of the managers and trainers who work in the municipalities; as well as their points of view on the orientations and ideas of the top organisms to contribute all to the improvement of the strategy.

The morning meeting included the conference Baseball, its link with the history and its sustainable quality given by Dr. C. Ramón Abreu Quiñones. In addition, a group of specialists presented the results in the areas sports selection, formation of young players, competitive system, professional overcoming and sports intelligence and preparation of the athlete of high performance.

To work more at the collective construction over the individual priorities, to achieve that the athletes feel major belonging sense for the team that they integrate, to rescue the identity and the history of the national pastime starting by the locality and to do that the meeting with the sports glories would be less formal so that these figures connect with the trainings and other activities of the baseball players.

For the evening, the meeting reserves the conference related to the preparation of the force of the baseball player and the exhibition and the debate on the projections of Camagüey´s baseball until 2020.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez