CAMAGÜEY.- Ultimately, Camagüey got the second place by provinces during the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Festival, that took place in the Sport´s palace Rafael Fortún. Granma, occupying the first position, and Las Tunas, were the company of Camagüey in the podium.

Our girls’ best results were obtained in their performance with clubs and ropes ensemble, which they absolutely mastered. Individually, the best of the members was Lorenis Rodríguez, first in the modality of ribbons and bronze medalist in the one of hoop; one of her team mates, Lieti Cutiño, got a deserving second place in clubs.

In a general way, the girls from Camagüey ended the tournament with 80 points, only eight under the winners from Granma. They climbed up a step from last year´s third position to this year´s second.

During the Festival, quintets from a dozen provinces took the floor.


From July 5th, seven provinces will participate in the feminine volleyball tournament, students´ category, corresponding to these National Student Games. According to the planners, the event will take place under the format of two classificatory groups, each of which will provide a couple of staff to the semifinal rounds.

So far, the assistance of great teams such as Havana and Sancti Spíritus is confirmed; meanwhile, Camagüey expects rivalry from Villa Clara and Las Tunas. An informative dispatch from Radio Cadena Agramonte points out that the goal of our contestants will be to access to the top of the podium, a goal that can be remarkable if the high standards of the discipline is considered.

Translated by Elianna Díaz Mendieta, 3rd year English Language Student