New cases of drug trafficking were detected in the country last week, reveals the General Customs of the Republic (AGR) on its website. The first of the facts is related to the attempt to introduce in the country bottles of Mariguanol Gel, a substance that is made from marijuana.

Through a press release, AGR indicated that the International Cargo Department of Camagüey’s Province was the one who detected it, for the first time, in the shipments, a consignee with five vials of Mariguanol Gel, implementing the control actions that are established for these cases.

On the basis of the events, in the eastern entity a call was made to continue the battle against the consumption and commercialization of drugs under the principles of zero tolerance and remain on constant alert, in order to continue to guarantee national security.

The other case was discovered during the flight control in the country entrance area at the International Airport Juan Gualberto Gómez, of Matanzas. It was a passenger who "for his physical and psychological cues" was suspicious before the customs officers.

In this place, "different techniques not intrusive" were applied to him and it was detected that he brought drugs in his luggage as explained the officer of the Confrontation Group, Alejandro Valdés. "During the review process, cocaine and an LCD seal (another type of synthetic, easy-masking drug) for consumption was confiscated."

According to the AGR, in view of this fact, "the appropriate measures were taken for these cases, always aware that our mission is and will be to protect our borders against illegalities and corruption".

So far this year, Customs has detected several drug cases at different airports, where surveillance is reinforced. Also, as part of the fulfillment of its missions, it has worked in a project of technological modernization of the existing equipment in all the air and sea terminals of the country open to the international passenger traffic.

All this is carried out in a context characterized by the increase of the production and use of drugs, starting from the decriminalization of the consumption of marijuana by a group of countries. However, as the AGR specialists have said, it is necessary to be an impassable wall in the confrontation, because in Cuba there is zero tolerance for this scourge.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez