CAMAGÜEY.- I knew her only across the media. Perhaps for the proper distance that exists between her generation and mine, I know her less than I should, but nevertheless I admire her.

The grandmas tell that Vilma Espín in the first years of the Cuban Revolution turned into a sort of protective fairy of the woman, and especially of those who were living in the country.

She fought, it is the indicated verb to express what she did for the Cuban women and our rights.

I am never going to forget the homage that the Camagüeyans paid to her in her death. Along with her photo, hundreds of flowers and in front of it thousands of men and women who were going so far as to pay a simple, but sincere homage.

On having seen the women crying and many men affected, I really understood how much this people love to Vilma.

Thank you, Vilma, for conquering the rights that the today Cuban women enjoy and hoist before the entire world.