CAMAGÜEY- The Camagüey citizen Juan Carlos Fernández Jiménez is the creator of the work “Los Zapaticos de Rosa” (The Little Shoes of Rose). With his hands this artist gave free rein to his imagination and materialized the José Martí´s poem in a sculpture f only 4 millimeters. A small piece that captivates because of its fidelity.

Everything in it reveals to the public the specialty of the author: the detail. Behind the polishing of the bone, the construction of the base as it were a lace and the details of jet in the little shoes, a great amount of patience is shown. The butterfly in the rose bush, seem to be ready to fly in any minute.

Although its miniature condition perhaps demands an extra rise for some, the young and the old generation appreciate its attractiveness. Through his art, Juan Carlos has tried to reflect, with stubbornness and success, what Martí model with his pen. The author wants to demonstrate us that all the glory of the world can be held in a fingertip.

The works “Legado” (Legacy) and “Nené traviesa” (Mischievous Girl) also form part of the group of small pieces that the author created as a tribute to the Apostle.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez