NUEVITAS ,CAMAGÜEY.- The sea is a constant feature for Cubans, we have in the DNA a lot of brackish alligator. That is why in the months of July and October we cannot avoid the magnetic attraction to the traditional dip in honor to Yemaya.

Different to what happens in other cities of the country, the majority of people needs hours of road to participate in the orisha consultation in this patrimonial village. After 10 months of drought, Camagueyans hope that in this season the lacks do not overcome, in gals, the water volume in the chosen littoral region. The Adelante newspaper has traveled to inform you about the summer period so far.

The “saint” predicts…

First stop. In Punta de Ganado summer camp almost everything was ready. Wilfredo FigueredoArrechea, the center director, told us about the intense days of working for vacationers to enjoy the stay without setbacks. The building will get to the summer with eight more rooms, only some details are left. These rooms will open without the foreseen air conditioning (but with fans), so far the only thing that will cool you down is the given explanation “it is the decision of the country, the Summer Camp Group of Companies has not air conditioner”.

Among the many attractions it can be mentioned the new acquired equipment by Marlin organization like paddled watercrafts, surfboards, all kinds of balls, kayaks, dominoes, billiards, and table tennis. Besides, the decoration and the environment convey you to dance and recreate. In weekends, the clients will enjoy a drive to La Boca beach and to other downtown areas. They will also enjoy the awaited Party in the Sand on Saturday nights.

MaylerMaykelConsuegraTerrero, gastronomy chief of the establishment, assured there was a “great variety of supplies in the restaurant as well as in the cafeteria for campers to feel happy with the culinary offers”.   

FigueredoArrechea explained, regarding the access to “Punta de Ganado”-currently with 19 available rooms-, that the facility could also receive reservations, which have to be coordinated with the travel agency Cubamar, in order to avoid oversells.

The summer camp changed its category from a III to a I plus, since July 1st. The change was motivated by the actions executed there last year, with the purpose of improving the comfort; since it was located in a tourist spot. Besides, according to FigueredoArrechea the rise on the price- from six to eight pesos per person-“has not provoke too many dissatisfactions among clients, we keep high levels of repetitions”. Out of summer season the daily price will be of 15 pesos per capita.

Other 23 more rooms are forecasted for the end of 2016. With these extra rooms, the currents ones, and other five from Villa del Sol, the institution will be able to accommodate 200 people.

Second stop. Yoider Escobar Fernandez, the Tourism and Recreation Provincial Enterprise deputy director commented to this weekly newspaper the availability of 68 roomss (equipped with fridge, liquified gas, television set, and air conditioner). These rooms will be assigned by the Cuban Worker Association. He commented on the gastronomy offers “the group has always promoted Santa Lucia beach because of what it represents in this period” It was also outstanding the sale of food modules to clients at an affordable price. The daily accommodations reach 7, 50 pesos per person.

According to Escobar Fernandez the sale of beer through flask tanks will be permanent. I hope that candy, so loved by kids, will not be tight only to private facilities, where their prices are higher charged; phenomenon that has happened in previous years.

 We were also interested in another specific topic: bathrooms, problem people have complained about summer after summer and has been never solved. Currently, the Direccion Municipal de Comunales in Nuevitas counts with 182 thousand pesos for the construction of eight bathrooms with shower included in Plaza Residencial, and Amigos del Mar beach during this season. Turn out that when we arrived in Residencial, on Friday, June 17th, there were only the foundations of the bathrooms. LiosmelTase Blanco, mason hired by Combate de Bonilla Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS, Spanish acronym) from Mina, declared that he had started the day before and had only at his disposal “two cubic meters of sand and stone, 15 cement bags and around 100 blocks; that was not enough for finishing even the foundation”. Liosmel was skeptical about the deadline: July 2nd.

Nestor Francisco Cervantes, Municipal Director of Comunales in Nuevitas, assured by phone that scene had changed; they already have a local warehouse and that the building work had progressed. Maybe the bathrooms are ready at that date, but the time and haste make one doubtful about the quality of the bathrooms. Although Francisco said that his organization was involved in taking care of the facilities during and after the season, it is still unknown who will carry out this task. He also talked about road reparations that are being carried out in Residencial Avenue and in La Boca Road.

According to Carlos Tellez, Santa Lucia popular council president, vacationers will enjoy during the season; 23 national music group tours, the talent of HermanosSaiz Association Golpe a Golpe Brigade, sports cups, participation games, National Institution for Sports (INDER, Spanish acronym) and Cultura sponsored music and dance shows, the summer inauguration Marlin Aquatic Festival, and the usual Saturday night White Party.

Omens in Baga beach 

Third stop. At 12 miles from Nuevitas City we found another improved beach: El Baga. YoseilyGongora Lopez, Nuevitas Government President, explained how the task of eliminating the marabou tree, in a road that has been impassable for around 20 years, has taken root.

Gongora Lopez hold that the second stage of reparation--end of year 2016--includes; the place electrification, the restoration of 8 rooms, and the creation of two big ranches. Task carried out by Niceto Perez CCS and National Tourism.

Although there is some time and work left, the summer already arrived at San Miguel. That day, children as well as elders were enjoying the beach. Carlos Alberto Alvarado Pompa, 65 years old, talked in front of the sea about what the reborn of El Baga represented for villagers. “This is the third time I come after the reparation of the way. I am thinking on coming every weekend, I hope to find some gastronomy offers for the summer”. That is the same hope of Rosa Maria Castello Miranda, who assumed the neighbors’ advice, and came to El Baga. She worked for many years in that beach and she stayed exited with the change, I hope the development keep the same pace and do not slow down.

Translator. Nelson Daniel Hidalgo Rios ,Student of English Language