The vice-chief of the Communist Party´s Organization and Cadres Department, Orlando Sardiñas said on Cuban TV that all delegates were elected at the base in a process that started in January 2015. He said that women stand for 43.1 percent, while the average age of the delegates is 48 years, though there are many below that age.

Sardiñas added that participants represent different social and economic sectors, including private and cooperative workers, retired persons with a large record in the Communist Party and persons who can make their contribution to the event.

As to the Congress´ agenda, the Communist Party official referred to the conceptualization of the Cuban social and economic model, and the economic and social development plan up to 2030.

He also said that delegates will debate the update and enforcement of the social and economic guidelines adopted at the previous congress. Party members will also discuss the performance of their organization.

And as part of the agenda, the delegates will elect the Central Committee of the Communist Party, which will elect the Political Bureau, the first and second Party Secretaries, and this election will be made public on April 19.

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