While the blockade is maintained, there will be many obstacles and limitations, but the restoration (of those ties), although it is not the final victory of the battle for justice, is a big step, the diplomat told Prensa Latina.

Cuba and the United States re-established diplomatic relations on Monday, July 20, after 54 years of interruption, a fact that, according to Arrue, is "a historic milestone."

There is no doubt, it is a victory by Cuba, the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, President Raul Castro and the Cuban people, which maintained the principles and dignity, it was not sold and forced to the largest empire in history to recognize its mistake, the ambassador stressed.

After that step, Cuba insisted in the need for achieving respectful and constructive relations between the two nations, including the lifting of the still existing economic, commercial and financial blockade and the return of the territory of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo.

Arrue warned that the United States seeks its interests as a power structure, capitalism, neoliberalism, and imperialism, so it is difficult to determine the future on this issue.

Whatever happens from now on will be built by Cuba, with the support and solidarity of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, he said.

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