In this continental forum the Bolivarian government expects to denounce the interference in the northern nation by issuing an executive decree that categorizes Venezuela as an ' unusual and extraordinary threat for their security.

The order announced last March 9 by President Barack Obama, was labeled by his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, as the most serious threat uttered against his government in 200 years of republican history.

Maduro met yesterday with his cabinet to discuss about the diplomatic actions developed against the US measure.

The Council of Ministers was also attended by executive deputy president, Jorge Arreaza, the National Assembly President, Diosdado Cabello and the mayor of the Liberator municipality, Jorge Rodriguez, among others.

The late one coordinate campaigns that envisage the collection of 10 million signatures demanding the US President to repeal the decree against Venezuela.

To that claim, that has already collected more than 200 signatures, have joined governments, social movements, personalities and international organizations.

The Venezuelan Vice President affirmed yesterday that his country´s executive will use up all the peaceful ways to face the United States threat.

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