CAMAGÜEY.- The hazard wanted that ours Adelante circulates the day of the birthday, and this coincidence comes to us like a gift of yours, beautiful Town, because your first 505 contain the hope of any birth.

Today we imagine that original time, when you were learning to breathe with the saltpeter and were giving the first steps on the sand where there was port, but the nature planned the way towards the heart of the flatness.

We had left the sea as the most permanent of the nostalgias and also the pain for implanting you at the cost of the humiliation of those who came first, those aboriginals that, certainly, the conquerors did not achieve to uproot completely.

After several attempts, the space between two rivers arose suitably to throw root and to harvest hundreds of years with tearing, but also with the happy moments of a people understood with its idiosyncrasy.

Many of your children over the course of time did not imagine neither the sure walk nor the approach of the looks of the world towards you, for ten years, for the condition of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, of a segment of the city.

But the buildings were not the only arguments for the decision of the international committee. They weighed very much the immaterial values, all that that takes inside and is breathed in matters of popular tradition and identity.

If for the half millennium the call was big, for the birthday 505 the efforts have been intense, because you collate us to better works.

Your children, we can only keep on growing in civility and love. There will never be sufficient, all that we do for remunerating the support and the elegance. After all, not everybody is lucky of a hereditary and legendary mother, a sweet and devout one. It touched us. And this is perhaps the root of our prides.

That's why we are glad today for you and are grateful to you, affectionate Town.

Receive the hug of your inhabitants of all the times.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez