Fotos: Orlando Durán Hernández /AdelanteFotos: Orlando Durán Hernández /AdelanteCAMAGÜEY.-In 2008, part of the historical center of the city of Camagüey was declared World Heritage of Humanity. Just over a decade later, José Rodríguez Barreras, director of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, says:

"Despite the skepticism of worth professionals, in the strategic view of the Office it was clear that the Historic Center had something exceptional for the frame, the towers of the churches, the system of squares and small squares and the content generated in that scenario with important weight in the configuration of the nation.

"In the management plan up to 2030 is most of what was thought, and a partial road studies and in vulnerable areas such as the Golden Triangle (Agramonte Park-Maceo-Ignacio Agramonte-Independence), which do not support carbon monoxide levels, vibrations... things have to be thought well and, above all, to make them endure.

"How to get that exceptional universal value under sometimes precarious economic conditions to be preserved and sustained in time, because the condition is lost? More difficult is for people to understand how to behave in a conservative city where they have a high critical judgment. The big challenge is to make everyone part of the process. The city is a living organism. It suffers from curable wounds, and from others that can be irreversible.

"Of these 10 years there is much to exhibit, good things and others with flaws. The city has changed. So do we. The city has opened up to the world. It must exploit with sanity its values with the tourism. Among the institutions that have to do with the technical, I mean the University, the Directorate of Heritage, the Office, Physical Planning, there is a dialogue and a clear horizon of what should be Camagüey. "

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez