CAMAGÜEY.- Carpenters of the Integral Agroforestry Company of Camagüey aspire to initiate the exportation of wooden board doors in the second trimester of 2019, as part of their contribution to the diversification of the exportable items of the company, which at present commercializes charcoal towards the exterior market.

To be able to materialize such a wish they will initiate a program of rearranging of their 36 carpentries to re-design the correspondence load - capacity and to achieve the specialization of the units, as told Orestes Reyes Pérez, General manager of the company in a meeting carried out for the first time, between leaders and carpenters of the Agroforestry Company.

According to opinion of those who transform the wood into furniture, other challenges consist in perfecting finished of the pieces, for which it is needed to stabilize the supply of essential inputs for this step of the productive process as the glue, the sandpapers and nails and in achieving with the cycle of drying of the wood.

The Agroforestry Company at present produces and commercializes on the wholesale market articles of high demand like chairs, doors, files, computer tables, bureaus and dining room sets and it is already employed at the dressmaking of baseball bats for the future national series; articles prepared fundamentally with wood of pine, acacia, gemelina, mahoganies, cedars, majagua and eucalyptus.

Others of its forest products it is the construction of rustic buildings like wood shacks, and the contribution of serrated wood and stage of palm to support the branches stockbreeder, beekeeping, tobacco and the construction and repair of housings.

To finish the meeting, which took as a head office the Cultural- Recreational Complex Casino, (former Sepmi), the carpenters of the different territories exhibited some of their creations, which hope to be able to commercialize on the retail market through a point of sale that it will be opened in next year.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez