CAMAGÜEY.- Still child, by the hand of my parents I went to the Central Road to see it spend in freedom Caravan. I then had the same age and the Christ-like beard, but had very in ideas Marxist-Leninist, tight in a colossal social program that only he and the people that always followed it would be able to materialize.

Before to Fidel and the young people of his generation "resurrect" on their 100th birthday to José Martí, the Apostle of independence, his life was danger: first front to the assaults police against student demonstrations, later saved it the Lieutenant Sarria to not deliver it to the assassin Commander Pérez Chaumont after the attack on the Moncada barracks, in July 1953. In prison, Raúl, his younger brother, entire machinations that dictator Fulgencio Batista hatched to poison him, and in the Sierra Maestra, a traitor slept by his side and lacked value for shoot.

More than 600 assassination attempts plotted the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States against Fidel, under the consent of the Government of the day from Einsenhower until Bush father. Snipers, poisoned cigars, ice cream and masks dive contaminated so legendary beard fall down... and he, without fear, traveled more than once to the Lair of their enemies. In October 1979, in full flight to New York at the invitation of the UN, the American journalist Jon Alpert asked him if he wore a bulletproof vest. Fidel discovered are chest so that they would see that he only had "a moral vest".

He never avoided the danger, in the most crucial moments was next to the town: in Playa Giron (April 1961), from a shielded SAU-100 with mats crammed into the water, shot the gunship ship Houston; When the cyclone Flora (October/1963), on an amphibious vehicle pose risks life to save others. And he always did so.

On one occasion, a young African man who was studying architecture in Camagüey and whose father preferred to do it in Cuba and not in France, told me that his dad and grandfather claimed that Fidel would be invincible because when he visited Guinea-Conakry there they made him a mystical "work" a breastplate religious so it never happened nothing.

Without being fanatical, the Cubans also believed in his immortality: perhaps those of my generation, we were witnesses of how he gave his life to the Cuban social project which devised and led; We saw this aging, reborn, multiplying in universal ideas, prepare more to face the excruciating pain of his physical disappearance.

And, Martí faithful, who both lamented that the hero of two rivers to fall fighting for the independence of Cuba was just 42 years old and could not see their free homeland, yes could revive its ideology and with the humble address of the Moncada program for the poor of the Earth, which sowed progressive ideas that keep alive the endless work of the revolution.

Today, his people — protagonist of the work which he led - instead of mourn your invicta figure, vacuum celebrates the existing universal example, the distance of 92 birthday of Fidel.