She does not hear but she sees, and can move the hands; she also speaks and can do stories, answered the teacher Julia Barrios Alpízar when one of the grandparents invited not to bother to Ángela, she was always calm in her armchair, until the promoters of the project “Health and Life” convinced her to take part.

Not pharmaceutical means directed to the prevention of illnesses like the Alzheimer's disease, distinguish the community sports project with seven years of existence in the Matanzas´ municipality of Colón, to favor the cognitive and physical stability of the elderly.

To cheer up the Cuban of the third age in the Grandparents' House Armenio Ferra Pellicer, the promoters of “Health and Life” carry out participative, dynamic activities that imply table games, projection of videos, reproduction of music, reading of histories and poetry, and sports practices.

There are some of them that cannot move the feet but they do seated physical exercises of low intensity - mentions Nancy Patricia Amador - as there are not pharmaceutical means they are worthy for all the ages. These activities constitute gymnastics that fights the stress and the depression.

They enjoy very much to complete sayings, to repeat tongue-twister and to think after the reading of some of the anecdotes that there gathers the book with humorous histories on popular medicine El ungüento de la Magdalena (The ointment of Magdalena), of Ricardo Riverón, tells the teacher Julia.

The participative dynamics facilitate the amenity, the affectionate dialogue, relieve tensions, provide and consolidate knowledge; and the art is an excellent vehicle for learning that improves the aptitude to translate the ideas into words, images and sounds, explained Nancy.

In addition, the teacher Olivia Margarita Rubio helps to the projection of movies and the story telling, because they develop the aptitude to express, to listen and to learn on the experiences of the others.

That the long-lived ones know their fortitude and weaknesses, that is a target of existence of “Health and Life”, so that they re-spill this knowledge in practices that they make them feel useful, although it is often a challenge to achieve that they choose the recreation activities, affirmed Barrios Alpízar.

Before the results of such an initiative, we believe profitable its extension to other institutions - Julia reflected - because its implementation benefits so much to the elderly incorporated into the Grandparents' House of the Popular Advice East in Colón, as well as their relatives.

The students of the University Branch of Medical sciences Doctor Eusebio Hernández Pérez are also nourished of “Health and Life” because it allows them to link like promoters, learn in practice the value of the attention to the elderly, and contribute that these citizens feel active and capable.

When the grandparents squeeze a paper in their hands and later they do the best to eliminate the provoked wrinkles, then they reflect on the love, because the same happens with the heart when it receives a bad action, explains Julia, convinced that the work with the elders is beautiful and comforting.

Every week, teachers of the General Education department of the University Branch of Medical sciences Doctor Eusebio Hernández Pérez, of the municipality inquestion, come to the House Armenio Ferra Pellicer, since there the grandparents wait for them, anxious for seeing, listening, thinking and receiving love.

Many of them that they adore every Wednesday since “Health and Life” exists, in spite of the weariness of their ears or the indolence in the vision, are glad because The ointment of Magdalena, has six chapters, and only they have read the first one.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez