CAMAGÜEY.- The noise of the typewriter was the melody of 365 nights of the year, they were cold or warm, it was there under the tireless fingers of a father. The sound of its keys was feeding the hearts of Barbara and Gilberto Valdés, the children who began to fall in love with dancing of the words and the news. The essence and the aroma of doing a good journalism was the witness of the love of their parents and the gait for the life.

“The family Valdés is one of journalists, there is no doubt of that”, affirms José Gilberto Valdés, out-standing dedicated reporter to cover for 48 years the fascinating footpaths of this profession.

- What means the journalism in your life?

- There is without doubts a reason of life, something that I always gasped. I still remember the times in which my father was taking me from the hand to the newspaper El Camagüeyano, where he worked as graphic designer. Later I studied a technical career, but I ended up by being a journalist.

- What does mean to do a good journalism?

- It is necessary to be able to look and to investigate. It turns into the sense of your life, that is to say, at all times you can do it. I think that a reporter every day must deliver a material of different genre, making use of the potentialities of the digital environment.

- Which have been the biggest challenges in the profession?

- The press coverage with the unconquered Commander in Chief Fidel. I was very close to him, those moments are unforgettable in my memoirs.

- It is said that your children grew in the corridors of the newspaper Adelante...

- I am grateful eternally to my family of the newspaper that attended to my children with real fondness and dedication. When I set off to one of my internationalist missions, my elder son was only a few months of born, and of whom he was embraced when I returned was the driver and the manager … With the girl, who was born between two missions, something similar happened. Her big adventures in the summer holidays were in Adelante, and every Friday they enjoyed like nobody the closing of the edition of the day.

- How has been the married life in the press media?

- I have been married 47 years, and the partners have been our affectionate family. My wife is my style reviser, every material that I finish is submitted by me to her analysis. We work together in the television seven wonderful years. Every day, after lunch, we sat down in the park to talk, custom that we keep since the time in which we were fiancés. We breathe harmony, both in the work and in the hearth, because we respect ourselves professionally.

- What does it mean for you that your daughter has continued your steps in the journalism?

- That the journalism is the gene of the family. I feel an immense pride because my daughter Baby was always excited about it. In a beginning, she could not study it, but at the end, she ended up reaching her dream and today she is a web publisher in Adelante.

- A certainty throughout the years …

- If I had to dedicate again my whole life to the journalism, I would do it without thinking it twice.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez