CAMAGÜEY.-Comeback, the first expedition of this year, done to the cave system of Cave Mexico, in the coastal flatness of the north of Camagüey, achieved indications that it is possible that till now the biggest cavern of the center of the country is much more extensive than till now it had been calculated.

Known by the science from the decade of 1960, cave Mexico has turned out to be a stage of numerous speleological investigations whose studies have contributed information not only for the underground cavern, but also for the superficial ecosystem and communities of the environment. The newly concluded expedition was carried out in the agenda of the acts done in the country for the 95 anniversary of the birthday of the Dr, Antonio Núñez Jiménez.

The Group of Speleological. Geographical and Environmental Studies, GEGEM, began its scientific works in the karstic region of Mexico, to the east of Esmeralda municipality, in the year 2000, and since then to the date its camps installed in the area have allowed to shape a map of the cavern spread already over more than five thousand meters of galleries, some of them to more than fifty meters deep, remaining in every expedition new mysteries to solve like the topic of flooded rooms of CO2, secondary formations of different designs to the acquaintances ones till now and even possible tracks of the extinct fauna of the Quaternary period.

The second part of the expedition Returned, to be carried out in this proper year, must make descend to a team of cartographers and explorers towards the deep galleries of the cave and locate convergence points between the new section integrated by five different caves apparently joined between themselves, and its contacts with the already well-known system.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez