CAMAGÜEY. - With an evocation to the feeling of unit bequeathed by the historical generation of the Revolution, Tania Díaz Bermúdez, general secretary of the Head office of Workpeople of Cuba (CTC) in Camagüey, summoned to the working class to keeping on defending unconditionally the conquests of the people.

 In the central words of the celebration for the International Day of the Workpeople, the trade union leader endorsed the words of the first secretary Raúl Castro, during the closing ceremony of the constitutive meeting of the National Assembly of the Popular Power.

 With the courage of every Camagüey´s citizen, inculcated by Ignacio Agramonte, this May1st it is an expression of support and recognition to the historical generation of the Revolution, palpable sample also from our support to the new political direction of the country, she emphasized.

 In another moment of her speech, the leader ratified her confidence in the youth, across a named one to construct with firm step the Cuban social project.

 On the motivations of the workpeople for this day, she emphasized 21st Congress of the Workers organization, with a wide work program to raise the efficiency in every labor group, and to keep on working at the works of recovery after the impact of the hurricane Irma for this demarcation.

 To strengthen the love for the Homeland, the defense of our traditions, to develop capacities in the food production, in more than 60 productive poles of the province, to strengthen the working-rural alliances, to conclude the electrification program in the territories, to perfect the quality of the services, the education, the sport, the health, the culture and the tourism, were highlighted by the working leader like priorities of the Camagüey’strade union movement.

 Finally, DíazBermúdez insisted on going firm and sure for the unit, the respect and the freedom that we defend, the free self-determination and not interference in our internal matters, with a message of united reaffirmation to the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

 “Let's go like the cavalry of Agramonte, united, committed and victorious”, she concluded.

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