SANTA CRUZ DEL SUR, CAMAGÜEY.- “What is the name of the doll?”, asks the director of programs, Katriana Muñiz Álvarez. The girl look at her and answers: "It is called a Violet”. Among the work team highlights a special person, an already inseparable kid of the radial house.

Evelyn Yanet Mola Pérez is daughter of Yanet Pérez Matamoros, one of the announcers of the plant. She walks along the corridors of the broadcasting station since she learned to give her first steps. Sitting in cabin tries to remain kept silent not to interrupt; if she has to stand up she achieves that her footsteps are in standing brads and with the grace of a ballerina not to do noise.

With a lantern in the hand, she imagines that she speaks by a microphone. They all are contagious with her infantile happiness. The group of the CMHQ Radio Santa Cruz is her second house, that calls her “the basic way”. Evelyn represents an example of these new generations who grow inspired by the love to the radio, and one of the principal commitments of the workpeople of the plant to celebrate its 50 anniversary on the May 1st.


Radio Santa Cruz, more than a labor group, has turned into a big family of 44 members. Every day they create with their art fresher and more attractive products. Between them, a strong friendship has arisen; when an idea comes to one of them, they all give a bit of themselves to perfect it. “To go out to the street and that the listeners say to you: ': how nice was the program!’, that recognize your work, this is the biggest gift that we can have”, expresses Katriana.

The recognition of the people motivates them to keep on creating. Carlos Jorge Magaña has dedicated 28 years of his life to the broadcasting station, he was scarcely an adolescent when he discovered that it had in his interior "interest" of the radio. What excites him more of his profession is to create with voices, sounds, and with very much love some of the programs that are even transmitted from seven o'clock in the morning close to the midnight.

“Many radio workers have been here during all these years, and left of a way or another their stamp in the history of the plant. This does that every day demands from me more in the work that I do and towards the quality that I must achieve in my productions”, confesses Ángel Armando García Cañete, one of the newest. Some months ago, this young man began as record librarian, but with the time and perseverance aspires to turn into producer of sounds, his real passion. He brings the music in the blood, possesses a study in his house that he has managed to construct with his own efforts; the singing is another of his passions. The broadcasting station has given him the opportunity to fulfill one of his dreams; he is daily seen working at a new jingle or looking for the best music for a space.


In the radio, it is the voice the one that takes the information, but if it goes accompanied by the suitable melody, it turns out to be much more effective. William Leyva Reyes, producer of sounds, has worked six years in the CMHQ. He mentions that he likes exchanging with the listeners through sounds. “Our work goes unnoticed because to the announcer they listen to him and for the voice they can recognize him in the street; nevertheless, we manage to create a stamp in the tone that the one who hears us, sometimes deciphers who is after the sound machines”.

His modesty did not allow him to admit it, but his partners recognize him as the best of the broadcasting station. He adds that he likes "to make complex" the productions because a better developed tone helps to that the recipients achieve to be identified with what they listen and major hearing conquest. “Radio Santa Cruz started for me like an activity in the free time; I came, and did 15 minutes him to begin learning, until I studied the course and managed to be authorized”, he tells.

Massiel Casas Guevara is another of the youngsters with a lot of responsibilities. Since she began the Journalism degree in the University of Camagüey, she linked to the work in the broadcasting station. After her graduation she has had no time neither to adapt herself to the environment: the first day she had an important coverage, assumed with responsibility other challenges and today she redeems the position of chief of the group of Programming and Information.

“As journalist is a challenge to assume this work because we have to study in depth this critical journalism that we need, and reason of being a community broadcasting station. To take to the listeners their reality, to try to give answers to their worries, and help to solve their problems is our intention”, she stated.

Innumerable experiences Yaneisi Matamoros tells us, with 24 years as announcer. She started by being scarcely a girl and she still keeps this spirit and the contagious smile that characterize her. Her profession has given happy moments to her in the personal plane, but she confesses that the most gratifying is the pleasure of making the day of many persons happy in problematic situations, especially the elderly.


Nilda Sotolongo, one of persons who has given more years to the broadcasting station, every morning for almost 45 years, she gets up and thinks about the best way of winning the love of the listeners. The radio is her passion. Several accidents tried to frustrate her dream, but she knew how to grow before the difficulties and today she stands out like one of the more respected and loved directors of programs there.

Her biggest desire to celebrate these 50 years: the restart of the transmissions for the modulated amplitude (AM). “The Santa Cruz´ inhabitants approach and ask us when they are going to begin again, the fishermen say that their bellybutton in ground was Radio Santa Cruz and now they cannot listen to us when they are in open sea”. Although this wish has not materialized, the broadcasting station is of the first ones in the country that it transmits in real audio through Internet, and one of most listened.

This group´s desire of doing and of growing is not small. The one who enters for the first time into the routine of the CMHQ remains in love with its delight. They all, from their positions, help to do a better, more committed, more community radio; and they have as premise for future keep on creating, excelling themselves and reinventing themselves.


Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez