Great patriots wrote the history, men and women who occupy glorious pages for their austerity, daring and value without limits, all with a shared ideal: the love for Cuba.

 There are also anonymous heroes who daily make waste of patriotism, because that one who feels as his own the joys and sorrows of the land where he was born, and that fights for its well-being, which is in turn the of all, can be regarded as a patriot.

 There are even those who the destination, or the responsibility, gave him the opportunity to demonstrate that sentiment, as occurred just two years after reaching the desired triumph of the revolution on January 1st, when the imperialist enemy attempt to destroy that journey, and landing troops by air and by land, on April 17, 1961.

 Such a mercenary attack could not receive another response that the confrontation courageous in defense of freedom conquered, even when the enemy force was superior in the quality and quantity of weapons, that only increased the value of the Cuban people.

 Example of courage offered that day, in which it seemed that ended the spring, the forces of the aviation of the Island, with Gunners even very young, but aware of the need to preserve the tranquility of heaven's homeland, and to continue the flowering started in 1959.

 The love of freedom made it possible to be torn asunder, that April 17 enemy planes and barges that tried to undermine the sovereignty, and they found the answer not only of combatants, but of an entire people, which with its leader Fidel Castro, favored in less than 72 hours, the first great defeat of imperialism in America.

 When in Cuba today is the day of the Defense and Revolutionary Force, many will remember those days in which there were many heroes, that with this feat demonstrated their patriotism, a value that runs through the veins of those of us who love this soil, which makes us soldiers and defenders of their sacred independence.