CAMAGÜEY.-Osvaldo Betancourt Cardoso is one of the four Camagüey´s citizens, which was recently winner of the Abel Santamaria medal, awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba on a proposal from the Union of Young Communists.

 "It was quite emotional, because he was part of the historical direction of the Revolution," said to Radio Cadena Agramonte. The medal was imposed by the second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, José Ramón Machado Ventura.

 With pride, recalls his career in the ranks of the UJC from 14 years of age and as a leader in the Federation of Secondary School Students, of which he was a vice president in the municipality of Vertientes, where he resides, and participated in its 11th Congress.

 "When one is young and has responsibilities, the first thing to do is lead by example, to prove to others that you can, and with consecration, to get to where you want".

 With only 25 years of age, Osvaldo is currently deputy director of the Urban University Institute Enrique José Varona, of the city of Camaguey, and teaches the subject of History.

 "Those who do not know the history are bound to repeat it". Simply plays a crucial role, because it teaches the why of the Revolution and the reasons for not giving an instant before the enemy, said the boy. "In the young men is the continuity of all that built our Commander-in-Chief".

 To their responsibilities, Osvaldo sum activities appropriate to their age. "I like to go to the Casa de la Trova, which is a pleasant space to be with friends. I like to play soccer and practice physical exercises".

Osvaldo Betancourt Cardoso, decorated with the Abel Santamaria medal awarded by the Council of State on the proposal of the UJC is a sample of the importance of the new generations in the building of the present and the future of the country.