CAMAGÜEY.- Lissette Hernández is 29 years old and has two children, Noel and Luis Enrique. We met a year ago, in the Plaza de los Trabajadores (Square of the Workpeople), because they were taking part in the public action for the World Day of Campaign to Raise public awareness on the Autism.

“I am alone”, this way she painted the portrait of her daily drama with the elder son who at the age of 17 months appeared the disorder of the autistic spectrum, a predisposition perhaps developed by the high exhibition to videos of infantile songs and to the cartoon Pocoyó.

Noel stopped looking at her, lost the control of the sphincter, he played with the shit and he began with challenging tantrums to the point of throwing the furniture, hit himself in the head and hit her; and if he fell ill the only thing that he did was to cry.

“An autistic person is a surprises box”, that's why she has learned to be able to stimulate him. At home, she has a zoo-therapy project with the cat, the pigeon and the rabbit. Earlier he rejected the dog and he already mounts it as if it was a horse.

She stopped working because “Noel is sickly”, the truth, he is of the most complex students of the school Heroes of the Moncada, where they have found a pleasant place, the accompaniment that in other coexistence spaces is not given to them.

This week I knew for Lissette that the child already studies the first grade, he goes alone to the bath, he gets on with the little brother with the ups and downs of this filial relation, and that Noel finally says mom, dad, hello, ei (of greeting) and I love you.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez