CAMAGÜEY.- He still smells her, although not with the intensity that was taking a lock of hair when he was teeny-weeny. It could be read as a height, but doctor Yadira Zayas did not know that her son Ernesto had disorder of the autistic spectrum.

Seemingly, everything was fine, when at the age of a year and a half she noticed different conducts: he did not speak, pushed back his brother and rejected that people took photos to him. He only wanted to be with her, the grandmother and the dad; he placed himself against the walls as looking for the angles; he concentrated with the little cars and he put the eyes at a height of the rim of the table to see the movement of the wheels.

In the infantile circle, he also isolated himself, then she tried a speech therapist and a specialist in child development. Before the diagnosis of the multidisciplinary commission, Yadira began to study on autism. When she was in a mission in Venezuela, she knew of a case, but in the Medicine career, when she had opportunity to receive it she was in the fifth year, in the rotation for infantile psychiatry, where it is taught although it is not a psychiatric disorder. 

She considers the deepening to be imponderable in the formative health program. As specialist in MGI located in an office, she says that the autistic patients do not appear in the patients' classifications in this base of the primary health care.

What is the autism? Of unknown cause, but it is neither a syndrome nor illness nor genetic disorder, but a neurological disorder: the nervous system works separately well. That's why she came to the special education.

“Mom give me water” he spoke for the first time, of a pull, at the age of five. Now he studies the second grade. He reads and writes in cursive and mold letter. He can multiply, but it is difficult to him to subtract and to add up because that needs of the abstract thought. He comes to a park and looks for friends. He treats with tenderness the girls. For the visual memory, thinks Yadira that perhaps he should be  sign-painter or designer.

Her son still presents stereotype or involuntary movements take him to the world that he wants, but "disconnected" she does not leave him because it is equivalent to lose him a bit.

In the middle of everything, and with the husband in mission again, Yadira registered the residence in dermatology, almost on having won. For Ernesto, she learned to give priorities that were succumbing in the routines of the hearth, to travel with his smell, to rescue him from unknown worlds and to confirm to herself that he exists when he kisses her and call her My Princess.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez