CAMAGÜEY. - For the first time in Cuba there was done the surgical intervention of exeresis of tumor of the thoracic wall and mediastinum, with the laying of a somato prosthesis of the body of the sternum in the university hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city, with a duration of two hours and 25 minutes, without complications, to 48-year-old Armando Jesus Concepción Álvarez, resident in the municipality of Florida.

The Doctor of Medical sciences Miguel Emilio García Rodríguez, principal surgeon in charge, emphasized that the success was given by the teamwork, which involves the correct diagnosis of the Dr. Elizabeth Ramírez Reyes, specialist in Radiology, the examinations and adequate monitoring and the participation of the Dr. Ludmila Acosta Rondón, specialist in prosthesis, in the preparation of the biocompatible prosthesis by means of metilmetacrilato and surgical steel.

Accompanied in the surgical act by the surgeon Dr. Raúl Koely Padrón, and the residents of 4to. year doctors Manuel A. Chávez Chacón, of Mexico and Adrián Díaz Domínguez, the Professor García Rodríguez, mentioned that this ailment is not often, and that this type of medical procedure is not reported in Latin America.

Dr. Arián Benavides Márquez, specialist in anesthesiology and revival, announced that the intravenous total anesthesia was applied to him, along with continuous peridural analgesia, that is, combined both types of anesthesia, with the intention that to the awakening of the process he was not feeling pain. They all had the help of the Bachelors of infirmary Ana Maria Hernández Pérez and Yunaika Sánchez Padrón.

García Rodríguez, also the director of this welfare center, announced that the complaint was detected to the patient about one year ago in the consultation of pulmonary shades, integrated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists, and that is carried out weekly there.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez

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