Photo:Orlando Durán Hernández/ AdelantePhoto:Orlando Durán Hernández/ AdelanteCAMAGÜEY. - To talk with a hero of this century, of that they synthesize the values of the whole people, it is always a privilege; nevertheless, the conversation becomes even more interesting if one speaks about a Cuban without equal, about another hero out of the human dimensions, about these men that are born every hundred years, of which they take in themselves the decorum of many others. René González Sehweret, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and vice-president of the Cultural Society José Martí, speaks passionately about the one who marked the history of Cuba from the last decades of the 19th century and keeps on doing it at the distance of 123 years.

To make him closer to the young people, to lower the hero of the pedestal, to show even more his human, earthly part, of common man; to take him out of the textbooks and of the billboards, of making him believable for the tomorrow and today boys is, according to René, the principal challenge of those who defend the legacy of the most universal of the Cuban.

- How important is to be sent to the Marti’s heredity in the current times?

- Martí has been important in all the times, because his thought is essential in the resistance of Cuba to the imperialist absorption. He was the first one, who interpreted the expansionist character of the United States, then he was vital during the neocolonial republic to support our identity, he indicated us the way of the rebellion against the dictatorship. He was the light of the Revolution and with his guide many Cuban went out to defend the conquests for which we had fought.

“Today it is doubly important to refer to him. He is and will be the guide which we have so that our children and grandchildren should keep on lifting the flags of the sovereignty. So that we continue in the mission to construct a just society for all, to continue for the way of the socialism and that the communism keeps on being a goal; Martí will have to keep on being part of the extracts of this people. It should be born in mind that no Cuban has been a Socialist and a communist without earlier having been a Martí´s follower”.

- Are we the Cuban in debt to him?

- I do not know if I should be so hard with the Cuban people. We have fought in very disadvantageous conditions to maintain Martí alive in the work that we build, we have paid part of our debt to him. Nevertheless, logically, we have left debts: we have to keep on constructing the republic with all and for the good of all that he dreamed; we are forced by the history to be - and in that we have fulfilled - the hindrance that intervenes between the North American imperialism and the peoples. That implies a rethinking of what we are doing, a steadfastness and an investment, if we might not allow being, and it would cost very expensively. It is necessary to understand the role of Cuba with the rest of the humanity to support the disposition to take the solidarity and this love to the rest of the world.

“We have the duty to constitute us in this country that he dreamed, placed in the center of the scales that supports the balance of the world. It is the role of Cuba. Many people look at us hopefully and that is our responsibility of supporting this hope; the best way of honoring him.”

The hero invited more young people to find the Pepe that all the Cubans carry inside: "While I am in this task I will give the best of me so that this Martí blooms in each of those hearts”.

 Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez