Photo of the author Photo of the authorCAMAGÜEY. - Dayami Rodríguez García has the incentive that in the center she directs, the Managerial Unit of Base Mechanical Solutions (Somec), where the men prevail, she has never been looked badly by the so-called strong sex and, especially, she has been respected since she put a foot in the plant in 1996 as mechanical engineer, with only 24 years of age.

This woman unmistakable by her attractive personality and slenderness, can be found either in her office, or in the workshops along with the mechanics, welders, innovators or in the lounge of meetings of the Central Committee of the Party, to which she is honored to belong like member of this political instance since 2016.

“They consider me and respect me, which makes me feel pleased and, simultaneously, committed to keep on fighting for the permanence of the group like National Avant-garde for five consecutive years, that all things go out well, that all plans are fulfilled. That compromises us.

“They follow me in all the things that we propose to ourselves and support me, because only one person cannot achieve it in these four years that I have beendirecting the UEB”.

The imports replacement is framed inside the Somec´sworkobjectives, and she defines it of the following way:

“We return the useful life to the heavy means of the construction, which today they are on the international market in the approximately priceof half a million pesos every new equipment, also to those of dragging, and immersed also in a program of recovery of Kamaztrucks, with the responsibility of returning to work these vehicles, both of our sector and of other branches of the country to which we offer services”.

- How do you manage to combine the labor and political obligations with those of the home?

- This is achieved with the support of the family, of my husband, of my children, of my parents and my brother, that although they do not live with me, when I am complicated, my mom says to me: "I prepare you the meal”, and daddypicks it up. It is thanks them that I managed to link the labor life, like the social one, that of the hearth and the politics.

- Are you the only woman leader in this type of entity in Cuba?

- Yes, we are nine repairingplants in the country, and the only one that has a woman is that of Camagüey.

- Challenges for 2018?

- To begin on this March an investment of the repairingplant of equipment of shooting of the sector of the construction, of topChinese technology, to fulfill the high productive plans and the program of 6,4 millions of pesos, and the decisive contribution of our ANIR; to support the condition of National Avant-garde. Just, to keep on excelling myself professionally and to give all my contribution, in the economic, political as well as in the social sphere, in the human and the familiar sphere, in the goals that could propose myselfas a woman.

- What are the aspects left to solve by the women?

- We ourselves to know that we can do what we propose to ourselves, make us feel and that nothing can stop us. Also, not to despise us or to undervalue us. It is the independence that we have to have and project us goals that we can achieve with our desire, will, sacrifice and a self-esteem over all what everyone could imagine.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez