Photo:  Taken from cubadebate.cuPhoto: Taken from cubadebate.cuCAMAGÜEY.- One of the many philosophical lessons bequeathed to us by the Greek culture has been the meditation on the letters Alpha and Omega. The first one represents the beginning and the other represents the end of the earthly stay of any kind. From these principles, the existence of Camilo could be summed up in the street Lawton and the sea. Both, like him, are vast and eternal. Each one contains him, wrapped him in a mystical mantle and gives him that halo of immortality, typical of a Greek hero.

Fate wanted that only nine days separated the birth of the Lord of the Vanguard – February 6- of the José Martí -January 28-, two of the greatest riders of winged backs - to say Raul Torres in his song Cabalgando con Fidel (Riding with Fidel) - which has given birth to this nation. The Cubans, we are the people of "Penélopes" and "Odiseos" that weave and weave with words, the history of these paradigms. They are the needle and the thread that travels through the epic flavored with humility, misfortune, and the glories obtained with the stroke of blood and self-sacrifice.

What time does the Cessna 310 landed for the last time? No one knows except the ocean, that one which hides him under bulky waves, in the high tide, in unforeseen storms by the wrath of Poseidon, a god who is reluctant to reveal secrets, but in each October 28 tames the waters in his honor and prepares them, like a sheet, to receive the thousands of flowers dedicated to Camilo.

The Myrmidons, soldiers subordinate to the demigod Achilles, had accepted without explanation to a warrior of the height of Camilo. With Herculean strength, abundant black beard and Socratic appearance, the Lord of the Vanguard, demonstrated his value along with the troops of the rebel army in fighting as the Vega of Jibacoa or Yaguajay. His courage and patriotism were decisive for the Batista tyranny, as Troy, fall and ignite. Without much experience, without much muscle, no ancestry, without divine help, beat, with decisive actions, such as the arrow with the Paris killed Achilles- the rival.

By melting the plane with the marine landscape, background music sounded. A melody similar to the mythological poet Orpheus, who was submerged in the depths of the Underworld to rescue from death to his beloved wielding, nothing more, a harp and his faith. Thus, for the purpose of saving their homeland chained the man with the big hat traveled on the Granma, along with 82 brothers and sisters, to Cuba. When leaving the ship faced the enemy in an unequal struggle. In the midst of hardship, he always had confidence, therefore, unlike Orpheus, he triumph. And of titans were all the effort he put to the emerging defended Revolution, from the very Camagüey, as if it were the Olympus.

The life of Camilo came to pass in the style of the hero of a Greek tragedy. However, this tragedy teaches us to make the tears in smiles, not in sadness that poisons the soul as the hemlock. He is a lyrical singing, a choral singing he prefer, in contrast to the feared god, to be venerated, from beginning to end, with the sacrifice of the creative will of the noble -heart- and not with the barrage of empty words of the servant.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez