CAMAGÜEY. - The evening of January 28, 1958, it was different for the members of the Revolutionary Directory March 13.

Like farewell, they organized an act in Bayfrant Park of Miami, at a few hours of the departure towards Cuba, forming the legion of revolutionary combatants of the expedition of Nuevitas, which arrived to this region of the north of the province of Camagüey on February 8.

The young people headed by Faure Chomón, since some time were in the exile in the arrangements to disembark with a weapon consignment for the Santa Rita Beach, to do a stay in the city of Camagüey and to continue later towards the center of the country to create a new guerrilla front in the mountain massif of The Escambray.

With the course of the years, not few local and foreign persons do not know that the headquarters of the expedition members took root temporarily in the high floors of the Casablanca movie-theater, in the central street Ignacio Agramonte.

Armando Garrido, contemporary of Chomón, son of the proprietor of the projection room was a collaborating asset in the concision of the plan of passage and arrival to Cuba of the expedition.

Recently deceased Julio García Oliveras, who integrated the expedition, in his book Contra Batista (Against Batista), of the Publishing house Social sciences (2006), described that moment in Biscayne Boulevard:

“In his speech, the General Secretary of the Directory, Faure Chomón, fixed our historical struggle position and announced the opening of the second guerrilla front in the mountains of Las Villas.

“In his words he emphasizes again the decisive importance of the unit of the juvenile forces to assure the victory of the Revolution”.

On January 31, between eight and nine of the evening began the transfer of the armament up to a small island placed in an end of Mac Arthur Causeway, which communicates Miami with Miami Beach, where the yacht was anchored.

After midnight, the ship went on journey to fulfill the commitment contracted with José Martí.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez