The garlic much used in the Cuban kitchen and of other nations to achieve an exquisite flavor in the meals, also has multiple kindness for the human health, as natural antibiotic, capable of fighting different sufferings.

The whole "head", as we usually call it in the country, receives the name of bulb of garlic, integrated by several segments, popularly named cloves.

According to digital pages, in the Antigua Greece, Hippocrates, considered to be the Father of the Medicine, usually recommended it to treat diverse illnesses and infections.

Specialists make sure that its consumption can avoid the Alzheimer's disease, improve the physical performance and reduce the cholesterol and the blood pressure, with positive effects in the extension of the life.

They recount that also it serves to strengthen the immune system and to treat the high blood pressure, the rheumatism, the diarrheas, the stomach colic provoked by parasites, and the nervous disorders.

They highlight its properties to stimulate the appetite, to favor the digestion and the good functioning of the heart, to avoid the stomach acidity, and to protect the liver and the gall bladder.

They explain that it is good to eat it on an empty stomach, so when the persons get up, after several hours without consuming food, the bacteria are defenseless and are eliminated by major facility.

Some of them assure that it fights the problems of nerves and stress, since it stimulates the secretion of serotonin, hormone entrusted to regulate the fortitude.

They add that most of its effects owes to a compound of sulfur, called allicin, which enters the organism across the digestive tract and travels round the whole body.

They emphasize that it contains few calories, but it has a high nourishing value and is very rich in vitamins C, B6 and manganese.

They add that the best thing is to consume his crude oil, when it preserves all his properties, since the allicin only forms when it is crushed or the garlic breaks in its natural state.

In places, it is possible to acquire it in drugstores of natural medicine and in several forms, like concentrates and dyeing.

It is not also a question of consuming it of deliberate form, since also it might of having negative consequences, like bad smell in the breath, abdominal inflammation, colic and affectations in the sight.

Specialists show that two or three cloves of garlic can be consumed every day with therapeutic ends, one in every meal.

Some settlers, as Rafael Martínez Arias, a 64-year-old photo-reporter of Granma, has a big confidence in this food and consume it often.

Felo, since his friends call him, he expresses that he eats a clove of garlic every day, and he did not get either the cold or anything else, because he is strong like an oak.

This charismatic man who took part in the internationalist struggle for the liberation of Angola and winner of diverse photographic awards, whenever he listens to another person to complain for a suffering recommends him to come to the “prodigious cloves”.

With thousands of years of existence as seasoning and natural antibiotic, of course the garlic will always have many followers, for good of the health and the palate.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez