CAMAGÜEY.- Just when four months have elapsed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, in this province are appreciated the results of the tasks of recovery.

In the places where the 8 September the crops were wiped out, and the houses and the dell toppled, are being raised today comfortable houses, trees provided materials for the construction and plantings are already bearing fruit.

In the productive pole La Amelia, Camalote, in the municipality of Nuevitas, plantain, cassava and fruit pump of the peasant Davel Orlando Cordovés Rivero were destroyed.

"But immediately," he said starting to clean, to replant, to chop the damaged; and see the results in the banana, all recovered, with intercropping, and we are preparing more land to increase the planting of banana, and already in May-June, we will have the first harvest of the recovery.

"I hope that this year is favorable in the power of the people, because even though "Irma" step and ended up, the weather has been favorable, by the rains and the availability of water that we have NOW; and in addition, with the effort that we have done, and the companions of the municipality and in the province, who have supported us in all things; and we hope to continue as well, because we showed that if we could and may be."

The production of the province of Camagüey, very damaged by the effects of the winds associated with the Cyclone, today show that progress has been made in the recovery of almost 11 thousand hectares damaged; the entire banana plantation is recovered, and continues to the short-cycle crops to increase the delivery of meat and vegetables to the population.

Do not miss the attitudes and the work of farmers and producers, the enthusiasm and consecration, because as the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in Camagüey, "is that the Revolution has done for the people; that the Revolution has made by man throughout the country, and in this province; it is what has meaning for our nation and for our fellow citizens, the possibility to build their own path and write their own history".

In Camagüey are written new pages of sacrifice and solidarity in the construction and repair of houses, very affected by the meteor, and the results are encouraging, with the repair of more than ten thousand homes, and of these, more than 300 thousand new ones.

Neighbors recognize the work of peasants, workers and forces and means mobilized throughout the province.

"After having spent "Irma" here, and give me the key to a new house, that's a great thing of this revolution, because i never thought to get my house," he said in the community New Moscow - because rose complete- Leonis Diaz Aguero; and his wife, Xiomara Matos, confirms this view: "I did not have my new house, with good conditions, and see what the Revolution has done for us."

In the Popular Council Brazil, one of the hardest hit by the winds is eloquent example of Mayelín González, who also lives in the community, very close to the sugar mill in Brazil, in the municipality of Esmeralda.

"I already have my new house, built in the same place where the cyclone shooting down the mine. Were terrible days, it is very painful to lose housing; but I built a new, with local resources, tables of palm and wood of the trees blown down by the winds; now with better conditions, and with water and electric service. This is much better than the house that I had before, the table of palm is very durable and the roof with roofing cement."

A worker does not state, Horacio Fonseca, underscored the support received: "The houses they are building the people of cooperatives, which come from very far away, of all the municipalities of the province; and this hamlet was a bit destroyed before the cyclone, but today the people are happy, very happy".

Thus match all opinions: "The cyclone took me my house; but they made these houses here, thanks to the Revolution; better than we had before; they are more comfortable, and up to a wine cellar we did here, there is no need to go to another small town to buy groceries; and all the neighbors we have cooperated in what he has done."

There is no doubt of the greatness of the work; the landscape has been transformed in four months; are being raised today new homes and communities; and improving the social infrastructure, services and economic in the areas most affected by the passage of "Irma", and grow crops, because in the words of our Marti said, "after the hurricanes the earth is renewed and pure", and with the hands and the heart, the Camagüey´s citizens put to produce.